The batteries Motech recommends for use with the TD-series drives are from the Odyssey range by Enersys. These are a thin plate pure lead battery of the sealed AGM (absorbed glass mat) type. They are particularly good for marine electric propulsion as they are low maintenance, robust and they tolerate high rates of charge and deep-cycle discharge.

As with all lead-acid batteries, to achieve a long life requires a certain level of care, mainly by ensuring the batteries are charged correctly (and a full charge is required every so often) and that they are not discharged too deeply, too often.

Motech can supply two sizes of Odyssey battery, each of these offering a good combination of capacity, size, mass and cost.

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Battery PC1500T

Voltage: 12 V
Capacity, 20-hr rate: 68 Ah
Motech Part No: 79-1408

£195.00 Contact Sales Office