Battery Chargers

If a shore supply is available, a mains-powered battery charger is the cheapest way to charge electric boat batteries. The charger needs to be installed correctly to be safe and to comply with the appropriate electrical regulations.

Motech have chosen to supply only one type of mains battery charger, the Zapi SG6. We have chosen this charger because it is compact, lightweight, silent and is sealed against moisture ingress. The SG6 draws a maximum of 13A from a 230V mains socket so is often the largest charger that can be connected to a shore supply.

We normally program the charger to a three-stage profile suitable for our Odyssey batteries. However we can adjust the program to suit different batteries if required.

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Battery Charger SG6-72V

Output Voltage: 72 V nominal
Output Current: 22 A
Motech Part No: 57-0028

£585.00 Contact Sales Office