Water Heater Controller

Boats that have calorifiers with in-built 230V immersion heaters often don’t
have enough circuit capacity to handle the extra power demand. If there are
other appliances running when the heater switches on, the shoreline circuit
breaker may trip or the inverter may shut down. The new WH20 electric
water-heating controller from Motech solves this problem by monitoring the
boat electrical load and switching on the immersion heater only when there
is enough spare power available. If another appliance is switched on, such
as a kettle or a toaster, the WH20 switches off the immersion heater in
milliseconds to prevent an overload.

The controller is compact, easy to install and can be used with 230V
inverters, marina supplies or generators that have an output current of up
to 16A. Two outputs are provided, one for the immersion heater and one for
the other boat circuits.

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WH20 Water Heater Controller

Motech Part No: 03-0343

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